Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mainstream Canada loses it

Watch and share widely. This clip appeared on CTV News on March 9. 

We see Laurie Jensen from fish farm giant Mainstream Canada lose her cool and brutally push a peaceful protester during an anti-fish farm gathering  in Campbell River last Thursday. The protester being pushed back is Rod Marining, and it's pretty clear on the footage that he's acting completely peacefully, even after he's been shoved back. 

Mainstream's Laurie Jensen then turns around and starts threatening... a member of the Parliament of Norway which she mistook for a protester. CTV's anchorman says Mainstream Canada was not available for comment over that incident.

Mainstream's Laurie Jansen in an altercation with Norwegian MP Per Sandberg

Mainstream Canada is that same corporation which sued Don Staniford for defamation, another complete PR disaster for them. 

Mainstream Canada is in meltdown mode, committing one blunder after another. They are on the ropes and they know it. 

Wild salmon people were in Campbell River last Thursday to enforce democracy. The industry had invited a Norwegian delegation to meet First Nations in support of fish farms. But the organizers had carefully weeded out all First Nations who were in opposition. Among them was Chief Bob Chamberlin of the Kwicksutaineuk Ah-Kwa-mish First Nation, who turned up uninvited in full regalia and demanded to be admitted to the conference. 

Thanks to the people who came to give him their support, the organizers had no choice but allow Bob Chamberlin into the conference. 

Laurie Jensen's behavior is not an isolated act. It's part of a corporate culture. 

Honor to the wild salmon people who were in Campbell River. You have exposed this corporation for what it is - a bully which brutally pushes people around whenever they disagree. 

The fight continues.

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